Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Apostles and Prophets for the Balkans

I was praying Saturday (Feb, 8th 2020) for God to raise up an apostolic/prophetic group in the Balkans that will make covenant with each other to identify and encourage anointed evangelist, teachers and pastors. These would be men and women that have been tested by fire and walk in their office with power. These would be men and women that do not fight against flesh and blood but know how to walk in dominion over the enemy. They would be the ones that know how to fight along with the armies of heaven to bring forth God's glory. They can be trusted with the finances of heaven and actually desire to suffer so the Kingdom can be established on earth.

Let me give some definitions. These are my definitions, so I don’t expect others to adhere to them.

a.    The Office – Speaks for God to open doors for moves of God. Confirms the vision of the Apostle. Can announce a major shift in earthly ministry, clarifying direction or correcting direction. Seasoned man or woman of God.
b.    The Gift – forthtelling, encouraging words and direction to individuals and churches. All believers can exercise this gift. b.    1 Corinthians 14:31 For you can all prophesy one by one, that all may learn and all may be encouraged.

a.    The Office – Person of Vision. They can see how heaven can be established on earth. Usually have a broad view of how the Gospel can impact a country or region. They can recognize giftings in people and they know how to raise up and align these people into their calling. They have been tried in the fire and there is a God-given respect they walk in.
b.    The Gift – Love to encourage others to fulfill their calling. Knowing how to love people into their calling. I feel most local pastors move in this gift.

In my sphere of ministry, how does this apply?

God has made me an intercessor to the Balkan countries. That is not for me to boast in but to be faithful to. For over forty years I have been praying for the countries and people in the Balkans.

I can’t explain this now, but the Apostle and Prophet work together to move the Church forward. An apostle and a prophet that can work together smoothly is a lethal threat to the devil. God will put them together to steward a move of God. Usually their combination offices will come forth when God is about to pour out mercy on a region.

So, in my prayers for the Balkan region, I am praying for these apostles and prophet to come forth. Two big questions; is God’s mercy ready to be poured out on the Balkans and how can these offices come forth.

I feel there are two things that hinder these two offices from coming forth and being effective. First is the reluctance of local Christians to accept the Apostle and Prophet. There is a lack of honor for these offices. Second, those that have been called to be apostles and prophets are timid and don’t want to step into their authority.Of course we know these offices have been abused.

How can those hindrances be overcome in the Balkans? These apostles and prophets must walk in humility. From what I see, both offices are birthed out of humility. Especially when signs and wonders are following them, and divine appointments are leading them. These signs and wonders should verify their calling and create a healthy respect from fellow Christians. Usually these are men and women that have been through much trials and tribulations.

What I envision from my prayers is apostles and prophets across the Balkans that have a genuine respect for one another, coming together often to pray and learn from one another. They are united for the Kingdom. From what I read in the New Testament and letters from early church fathers, there was a healthy flow of ministry between them. You see them carrying letters back and forth, the counsel in Jerusalem and sending disciples to each other’s cities to help in the work. Even in our modern day there are some international ministries that are already doing this.

My prayer is that God would raise up from the Balkan churches these biblical offices to usher in a mighty move of righteousness on the Balkan peninsula. I am believing for apostles and prophets that will help the evangelist, teachers and pastors find their place in the Balkan Church. Holy Spirit, I ask for Your divine help to accomplish a mighty transformation across the Balkans.

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