Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pray for Croatia

At the Upper Room House of Prayer (HOP) in Zagreb we pray for the nation and we expect results from His throne. This News Article brings up interesting things about Croatia, and we would like to pray into some of these issues this week.

In the News: Health Minister: “One Priest Is Worth More Than 20 Physicians”

This article is interesting in several ways:

1)    That a health minister would make such statements are in some ways signs of progress, yet in other ways not. As Christians, we do believe we are to bring Biblical truth into government, and in all other influential areas of society.
2)    A good aspect of Minister Kujundzic’s comment is that he validates the importance of the spiritual needs and not only the medical needs of patients and their families. 2)    Proverbs 15:30 The light of the eyes rejoices the heart, and a good report makes the bones healthy.
3)    Then there is the third point from the statements he made about the Catholic churches roll. This can be disturbing, “Croatian nation survived thanks to the Catholic Church. If the Catholic Church were not here, the Croatian people would no longer exist”. This statement pretends to give credit to God, but shortly after the formation of the nation, there was an altar built and a special ceremony held to dedicate Croatia to Mary. The Croatians rallied around the Catholic Church to strengthen their resolve during the war that broke up Yugoslavia. The sad reality is that most commonly, Jesus is not exalted in the Croatian Catholic Church but rather Mary. We do believe that Mariology, as defined by the Catholic Church is a false doctrine.
4)    We cannot leave out however, that we are seeing significant hunger and forward movement specifically in the Charismatic Catholic movement here. In these groups, even though they still pray to Mary, we see a growing focus on Jesus.
5)    Another real positive in the article above is that minister Kujundzic did make a stand for the life of the unborn. For the Health Minister of a country that has legalized abortion to make a pro-life statement like that, is really positive.

Prayer Points:
1)    Let us pray for Croatia. We at Upper Room Zagreb HOP have been praying for the government and the health minister’s statements yield encouraging forward movement in regards to the unborn especially.
2)    Pray for this minister, that he will stand true to his statements and that he would not waiver in the face of opposition. Sometime politicians just say things to please their audience. Pray that he really meets Jesus.
3)     Almost daily we pray for the spirit of freedom to overcome the spirit of religion. This spirit has two main faces in Croatia; apathy and division. Pray that Jesus would be lifted up and seen for who He really is.
4)    Pray that the Lord would raise up believers in Croatia that desire a relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Pray that the churches (all churches) would teach relationship not religion.
5)    During the Lent season the Catholics come out strongly against abortion. Pray that Evangelicals would join in this, overcoming their personal prejudices against the Catholics. Pray that this cry against abortion would be heard in the government offices.
6)    Pray for the IST Group and our HOP; we have had some spiritual battles this month. Pray that we will continue to be a light house for many and a spiritual force to confront the enemy.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Pray for Macedonia

In the News: Macedonian president warns EU, NATO of Albanian meddling  By Georgi Gotev

In a letter sent to European Council President Donald Tusk ahead of the 9-10 March EU summit, Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov warned against attempts by Western powers to impose on his country a political platform “written in Tirana”.

On 1 March Ivanov refused to allow a coalition of Social Democrats and parties representing the country’s big ethnic Albanian minority to form a government because of their pledge to allow wider official use of the Albanian language.

“The Tirana platform became a condition for forming the government of the Republic of Macedonia,” Ivanov wrote.

The so-called Tirana Platform was discussed by the three ethnic Albanian parties in Macedonia and with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama in Tirana, and was later signed in Skopje on 8 January. It seeks, among other things, to give Albanian the status of an official language in Macedonia.

Russia has accused Albania, NATO and the European Union (on 2 March) of trying to impose a pro-Albanian government on Macedonia.

“The platform is a post-elections document, adopted in another country, in a cabinet of a foreign statesman and with the mediation of a Prime Minister of a foreign country,” Ivanov wrote. Reportedly, the Platform was drafted in the cabinet of Albanian Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati with the approval of Rama and was also discussed in Prishtina [Kosovo].

Any time a government of a nation tries to influence another sovereign countries’ laws and policies through the back door, there should be concern. God deals with nations on a one-on-one basis, and they as a nation must stand before Him to give an account. (Matt. 25:31-34, Psalms 74:17) God will at times use other nations to punish a nation, but in the end the citizenry of that nation is responsible for it’s own representation before God. This is a pivotal time for Macedonia, and a fight for its very survival.

There is a House of Prayer in Skopje, Macedonia that has been operating for 5 years. God has pulled together a very responsible team of intercessors to stand in the gap there. (Ezekiel 22:30) Visit them at 

The Macedonian problem is very connected with the rest of the region of South Easter Europe (SEE) or otherwise known as the Balkans. The region is plagued by powerful entrenched problems; politically, ethnically and territorially.  The countries are having a hard time learning to govern themselves. For centuries they were governed and manipulated by empires mainly residing outside the region. Even now the EU, NATO and other outside forces are trying to impose unworkable solutions. Most of these SEE countries are in deep debt to international bankers and corruption runs rampant.

Prayer Points:
1)    Here at IST Group we try to tap into the heart of God to know the desires He has for SEE as a whole. Let the Lord give you a mental picture of the SEE map, and then pray for the region. May His plan be released.
2)    Ask the Lord how you can pray for Macedonia. This downward slide toward a civil war must be stopped; especially in the spirit.
3)    There is generally a war somewhere in SEE in every generation. May this generation be the one to break this cycle and curse.
4)    Pray for the House of Prayer in Skopje, Macedonia. May the Lord give them authority in the spirit to bring down principalities.
5)    There is no evangelical church among the ethnic Albanians of Macedonia and they are mainly Muslim. Let us pray that the Lord would rise up a champion that can walk in and out among them to proclaim the Gospel.
6)    Pray for existing ministries who work with the ethnic Albanians in Macedonia. May strength, wisdom and love be their portion.
7)    Let us pray for the Peacemaker to arise in the SEE countries. Only the King of kings can properly direct the hearts of these governments.
8)    Even the common people in the region recognize that corruption is a curse upon their countries. Let us as Christians, cry out for justice. In your mind, now write the word JUSTICE across the mental picture of the region of SEE.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Pray for IST Group

Teacher, Zuzanna and (8 of the 10) Sponsored Roma Children

The following article/prophetic word really speaks to us as a ministry in this season. May we recommend that you too read this article, perhaps it may speak to your life also.

"Expect a Tidal Wave of God's Promises" by Joe Joe Dawson, Texarkana, Texas
Here are the highlights:
⦁    Don't quit now, your breakthrough is coming. Your destiny is so obtainable. It is right at your fingertips! A Tidal Wave is Coming.
⦁    The Lord spoke clearly to us that many promises and prophetic words that have been given in past seasons, will come to pass in this next season.
⦁    Don't be surprised if in this next season, despite the tidal wave, the enemy will release opposition. The Fulfillment is Worth the Season of Trial.
⦁    Every trial and every hard situation you are facing is preparing you to be complete, lacking nothing. You will be found lacking nothing when this tidal wave of purpose and destiny comes crashing onto the shore of your life!
⦁    Don't ever let the enemy steal your joy.
⦁    When God gets ready to release all those things to you, that tidal wave of God's destiny and purpose for your life will come crashing over you.
Our recent trip to Romania
As a part of IST Group’s broader vision for the Balkans, we have been investing into one of the poorest villages in central Romania. With the help of some amazing sponsors, we are helping change the lives of 10 Roma (Gypsy) children through an after-school program. Without intervention, the Roma children of Romania have little hope. Rather than making a wide but shallow impact, our heart is to concentrate our efforts and hopefully make deep, lasting impact on the next generation. Our nine first-graders and 1 second-grader are already making progress. We hired a teacher to come and work with them every weekday. We are also making arrangements for weekly spiritual teaching and nurturing by a partner ministry in the area.
It was so encouraging to see God’s hand in sovereignly picking the children and the teacher. It was clear that the teacher had genuine love for these children and it was equally clear that the children felt loved and were learning to love in return. As part of this program, the children also receive a nutritious lunch. 
We felt so much hope and assurance for these 10 children. Our goal is, to pour into and track their progress from first grade to college. The cost is $500 per child per school year. By the way, if you are interested in sponsoring any of our Roma children, please email
Prayer Points:
1)    Let us first celebrate the goodness of the Lord. Pray that IST Group will always seek and hear the Lord’s direction in all we do.
2)    Pray that we would walk in joy toward all men as we endure trials, knowing those trials lead to perfection. James 1: 2 My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, 3 knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. 4 But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.
3)    Please pray for these Roma children in our program. The forces of evil and poverty are all around them.
4)    Pray for their families. Pray that their parents will understand the magnitude of blessing that the Lord has extended to them.
5)    Pray for the salvation of the children and their parents.
6)    Pray that the funds needed for the next school year come in. $5000 for the children plus $1000 for other expenses around the program. Pray about becoming a sponsor yourself.
Thank you so much for your prayers and financial help. Our prayer for you is that the Lord will also pour upon you the joy we experience in seeing lives changed.
Ephesians 4:16 From whom the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love.