Monday, February 22, 2016

Pray for Croatia

According to research data from the Croatian Institute of Public Health, Croatians are among the biggest smokers in the world…

Croatia is ranked the 7th biggest smoking nation out of 22 countries and 3 billion people. Croatia is ranked ahead of Poland and Romania. When it comes to female smoking, Croatia is ranked 2nd in the world only behind women from Bangladesh.

According to the Croatian Institute of Public Health’s data, 31% of people above the age of 15 smoke. On average they are smoking 16 cigarettes per day with the average monthly spend on cigarettes 512 kuna (74 dollars) per person.

“There are a variety of circumstances. Multifactorial. Unemployment and higher levels of stress certainly plays a role,” Tomislav Benjak from the Department of Public Health told RTL [news agency].

Around 3,000 people die from lung cancer a year in Croatia.

It doesn't take long for any Zagreb visitor to notice the coffee shops which are everywhere. In the daylight hours and in the evenings these coffee shops are crowded with customers. We walk past these shops and ask, “Are there any Croatians at work?” Overall unemployment of those actively looking for a job are 18% while unemployment among young adults is 44%.

A lot of social issues together result in the fact of high smokers in Croatia

Prayer Points:
1) Stress is among the key factors which contribute to the reason many smoke. Let us pray that the spirit of discontent would be lifted. Let us come against hopelessness gripping the nation.
2) Smoking is also very deeply rooted in the culture and history of Croatian and the Balkan people in general. May this curse be broken off and a generation would arise truly standing up against such addictions.
3) Lets pray specifically for the women who are trapped in this cycle. Lord break every chain which binds and release the hope of Jesus Christ that sets the captives free.
4) May there be more education and information made available in creative ways throughout the educational and media outlets concerning the negative health effects of smoking.
5) We pray for the children who are exposed to smoking from a young age due to parents and family smoking. We pray that this cycle might be broken in Jesus’ name.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pray for Zagreb, Croatia

There are mixed feelings in this city regarding the new government. Cynicism prevails in the attitudes of the Croatian people. They say things like, “They have promised us reform before but it stays the same.”, or “All the politicians are corrupt, how can we possibly trust them.”

We frequently pray for the government, but today let us pray for the attitude of the people.

Zagreb is a beautiful city compared to other cities in the Balkans. There are nice parks, the city center is truly the heart of the city. Maintenance is prompt and well-organized. It is quite remarkable that there is trash pickup three times a week. On the flip side, taxes are 25%

Recently, Jerry had the chance to witness to four nurses. They started talking about the city. Jerry begin to share all the things he liked about the city and then he listened to their responses; only one of the three nurses was positive. The discussion went really well as the Holy Spirit showed up. Jerry was able to bring them the message of hope for their city and country. He was even able to give a New Testament to one of the nurses who was obviously unchurched. 

Our heart is to see hope restored in people and of course we know the One who IS that hope!

Prayer Points:
1)    Our attitudes are much more important to the Lord than our knowledge or even our obedience. Pray for the attitudes of the people of Zagreb and the foreigners that live here.

2)    Jeremiah 29:7 And seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away captive, and pray to the Lord for it; for in its peace you will have peace. We are captivated by God’s love for this city. Lord, we pray for Your peace to descend upon Zagreb!

3)    Galatians 6:10 Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith. Let us pray for the churches of Zagreb, because they do stand responsible for the moral climate of the city.

4)    We have a deep desire for Christians of excellence to be raised up in Zagreb. Let us pray for boldness to come upon those that the Lord desires to use to invade the culture. the institutions of government, education, media, etc.

5)    One of the pastors leads a monthly prayer meeting for Zagreb and this event will be this coming Friday, Feb. 19th. Pray that these dedicated intercessors from several churches will touch heaven and cause a release of grace upon the city.

6)    May the Body of Christ be a light to Zagreb, a city on a hill bringing hope to the hurting.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Pray for ISTgroup

Pray or IST Group 2-8-16

We covet your prayers for ISTGroup this week as we provide a prayer seminar for the Body of Christ here in Zagreb. We are hosting a family from Bazel, Switzerland who serve in a house of prayer themselves and also do coaching for IHOP Kansas City.

The seminar will last for 6 days, devoted to many aspects of prayer and worship in a house of prayer setting; there will be times of instruction and practice. We will also go out to the key gates of the city and pray over Zagreb. IST Group is also preparing to host several other conferences in the coming months.

The Upper Room House of Prayer has been amazing. We meet five times a week, Monday through Friday to worship the Lord and seek His plan for our city, Croatia as a country and needs of the Balkan countries. There are about ten individuals who join us at various times throughout the week. Every day is different and exciting as we come with expectation to discover more about our Lord and His ways.

As you can see on , the three pillars of the organization are to promote prayer, empower the underutilized (poor) and to disciple. God has given us a clear mandate to start with phase one, which is to establish the House of Prayer. We feel that out of the place of prayer the other two pillars will come into proper alignment.

Prayer Points:
1) Please let us first rejoice in the Lord. As we are faithful He is more than faithful. As you stop and pray for us and ISTgroup, God is truly making advancements. We are witnesses, “as He is lifted up, He does draw men unto Himself”.
2) Pray that the presence of Jesus would increase in the Upper Room Zagreb House of Prayer (URHOP Zagreb).
3) We are so very thankful for the Tendon family coming to share with us their insight and anointing in regards to prayer and worship. Pray that the Lord would truly release His anointing over them as they teach.
4) Pray with us that the burning ones in this city would attend this seminar and the other upcoming seminars as well. Pray also for many to have a fire lit in their hearts for a deeper walk with the Lord.
5) Our heart cry is to see Jesus honored in Zagreb, Croatia and throughout the Balkans. Let us pray for the advancement of His Kingdom in this region.
6) As we go to the key gates of Zagreb to pray, may we stand in the Lord’s boldness and proclaim His victory.
7)     Pray for Zuzanna, February 8th is her birthday.

Thanks for praying with us. Our ministry is held up by your prayers.