Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pray for Greece

In praying for the countries of Southeastern Europe also known as the Balkans, we will take this week to pray for Greece.
Two Major events in Greece: 1) Wreckage of EgyptAir flight MS804, 2) Migrant riot on Macedonian border.

1) Greece: EgyptAir made sharp turns before crashing with 66 aboard

USA TODAY) -- Greek officials said Thursday that an EgyptAir flight that disappeared over the Mediterranean in route from Paris to Cairo with 66 people aboard apparently made two sharp turns then suddenly lost altitude before vanishing from radar.

Egyptian Civil Aviation Minister Sherif Fathi said the possibility of a terror attack as the cause of the crash of flight MS804 was “stronger” than technical failure.

Egyptian and Greek authorities said the plane likely went down near the Greek island of Crete.
Reuters reported that Greek authorities had spotted two floating objects in sea 50 miles southeast of area where the plane left the radar, 174 miles off the Egyptian coast.  Greece's defense ministry mobilized a search and rescue operation.

2) Migrants throw stones at police – Greek police throw Gas canisters
“Violence flares as Greek police clash with migrants,” May 18, 2016:

Migrants throw rocks at Greek police during a scuffle at the Macedonian border (AP)
Greek riot police have fired tear gas and stun grenades at refugees and other migrants who tried to push a railway carriage through a cordon during a protest at a crowded camp on the border with Macedonia. Police said about 200 people were involved in the violence, and the migrants also attacked officers with stones. There were no immediate reports of injuries or arrests.

The sprawling Idomeni camp is home to about 10,000 people trapped in Greece after a series of border closures further north on the Balkan migration route to Europe’s prosperous heartland. <Read More>

Two situations in Greece; one is of high priority to the media and one less covered but both are important to Europe. If EgyptAir flight was a result of terrorism, then it adds to heightened risk of flying especially in light of the Brussel’s attack. The refugees from the Middle East are backed up on the border of Greece because Macedonia will not allow them access as all consequent borders to Western Europe are currently closed to migrants.

Prayer Points:
1)    Let us first pray that the Greek authorities will handle both situations with much wisdom.
2)    Pray for the families of loved-ones that perished on the EgyptAir flight.
3)    I can only imagine what it would be like to be a refugee and have to flee my home. Let us pray that the Greek government and the European Union will figure out how to relieve their suffering.
4)    In last week’s prayer points we inserted this link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQfs7nSHGGU.  In this video it is mentioned that 53% of all refugees are Christians fleeing the Islamic oppression. Let us pray for these Christians fleeing the Middle East. May the Lord be with them as He was with the Children of Israel when they fled Egyptian bondage.
5)    It is said that a good number of Christians in the Middle East or those that lived in Muslim lands, are nominal in their spiritual and doctrinal beliefs. It is also true that persecution can supply a grace that immediately deepens a person’s faith.
   a.    First let’s pray that they would be safe on their journey and the Lord would help them get to a safe dwelling place.
   b.    Let us pray that many Christian organizations would be able to get Arabic and Farsi language Bibles into the camps.
   c.    May these Christians from Muslim backgrounds be bold in their faith and lead many Muslims to the redemptive love of Jesus.
6)    With the present situation in Greece, let us pray for Greek churches to get involved in reaching out to these refugees. May the compassion of Christ compel them to see them as human beings first.
7)    There are reports of the Greek government and EU authorities restricting access to the camps. Pray that those helping the refuges would respect the authorities but at the same time the authorities would grant favor to visit and help. Pray for any confusion to cease and may the Spirit of God bring order into the camps.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pray for Croatian

Pray for Croatia

IN THE NEWS: Croatia’s Far Right Weaponizes the Past

“The European Union’s newest member, Croatia, has an unabashed and strong-willed fascist in its new cabinet — one who makes the right-wingers in power in Hungary and Poland look like wimps. The contested figure is Zlatko Hasanbegović, a 42-year-old historian who became culture minister in late January after the country’s latest election produced a new right-wing ruling coalition. Hasanbegović had been a prominent figure in a small ultra-rightist party that openly extols the fascist World War II-era Ustasha movement (He left the party and is now unaffiliated, though he has never renounced it). As a historian, his work focuses on downplaying the crimes of the Ustasha and cautiously rehabilitating its ideas. Unlike the right-wingers in Poland and Hungary who are eviscerating their states’ democratic structures, the Croatian nationalists are waging their war within the realm of political culture — for now. Their goal is to lay the groundwork for an eventual assault on the country’s liberal democracy”, writes Foreign Policy.

In the Balkans, digging up the political past has no redemptive value. The past is full of ethnic, territorial and political ghosts that only fuel revenge. Hatred runs deep and generations have been passing it on for a thousand years. It even penetrates the churches here. Having been in Croatia now for over years, we have seen the ugly face of back-biting, slander, dishonor and perpetual division.  As citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven we know how to combat these continual divisions, we must come in the opposite spirit. At ISTgroup our desire is to operate from a place of honor regardless of who we are dealing with. We cultivate honor in our lives and others as we encounter Him daily in the Upper Room here in Zagreb. At the ISTgroup we as a team are about about to begin a workbook study on the “Culture of Honor” by Danny Silk. If you have not read this book, we highly recommend it.
Prayer Points:
1)    Pray for the government of Croatia; right wing, left wing, they all need Jesus.
2)    There is fear and hopelessness among Croatians regarding the direction of the government. We pray for Jesus lovers to raise up into all spheres of government and society in order to influence culture in Croatia.
3)    Croatia, just like every other country in the world, needs Godly men and women to rise up and call upon the Lord to redeem their country from corruption. Let us pray for the Lord to raise up a Moses in Croatia. Someone that hears the cry of their people.
4)    Division in and among the churches is limiting spiritual and numerical growth in Croatia. Let us pray that Christians would be convicted of slandering other Christians.
5)    Help us Lord to honor everyone. Let us pray for the revelation of a culture of honor to take root in our Croatian brothers and sisters.
6)    The redemption of a country always starts with intercessors. Lord, we pray for the coming together of intercessors to pray for Croatia. The burning hearts need to unite and cause a fire.
7)    At the Upper Room here in Zagreb, we are praying for the country. Pray that we would stay faithful to our calling. Pray that we endure until we see a greater light shine and Lord show us how to maintain the light.
8)    It has been prophesied that God is raising up a hidden Christian army in Croatia. Let us all pray into this word and ask God to bring them forth quickly.

The following video is a powerful prophetic word for Europe that was given by Tim Morley near the end of April 2016. Tim Morley is introduced by Aliss Cresswell of Morning Star Europe.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Pray for Zagreb, Croatia

Pray for Zagreb

We are so glad to be living in Zagreb. It is a beautiful city with beautiful people in it. We have now been lifting up Jesus in the house of prayer for seven months. We really believe Jeremiah 29:7, And seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away captive, and pray to the Lord for it; for in its peace you will have peace. We are compelled by the Lord to pray for the city. God is moving here, but we are believing for His glory to be poured out in a much greater way.

This month in Zagreb, a ministry called Cornerstone Arts is preparing to perform a musical. This ministry is plowing through some hard ground as arts and entertainment is very much controlled by the secular industry.
Prayer Points:
1)    First of all pray for the peace of the city. There are problems in the government but we pray for peaceful solutions.
2)    Pray that the churches in Zagreb will be temples where Holy Spirit freely dwells.  May the pastor’s be led by the Spirit to love their people like Jesus does.
3)    There is discontent among the unchurched of Zagreb. Many we encounter on the streets are disgusted with the Catholic and Protestant churches, but they believe in God. Pray for us as we encounter people on the streets. Pray that we will be compelled by the compassion of Jesus.
4)    Continue to pray for the coming meetings with Yonathan Lara. He truly had an impact last year and we are praying for the double anointing this year. (Meetings are May 26-28)
5)    Pray that the Upper Room we oversee will draw the burning ones form throughout the city as we cultivate His presence.
6)    Pray for Richard Montez and Cornerstone Arts to be able to overcome all opposition and prepare the musical carrying the message of hope and raising the banner of Jesus over the entertainment industry in and around Zagreb.

Psalm 95:2
Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving; Let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pray for the IST Group

Pray for the IST Group

Thanks for joining us in prayer as we intercede for the Balkan countries. This week let us pray for Intentional Strategies for Transformation, the ministry we steward. Every first week of the month we cover IST Group in prayer.

Last month the whole team was in Dallas, Texas for the Upper Room Global Summit and for the IST Group board meeting. (For a reminder of the prayers we prayed for that time see this link  http://istprayer.blogspot.hr/2016/04/pray-for-istgroup.html).

Thank you so much for your prayers while we were stateside. We were able to share the vision we carry with many. We had two new churches join us as partners. We love it when churches come on board with us, and likewise we honor all the individuals that give their sacrificial missions offering each month. We love and pray for our partners regularly.

Momentum is building here in Zagreb for the up-coming conference with Prophet Yonathan Lara from Argentina. There are five churches involved and we truly expect faith to be activated in this city and nation. The conference is May 26-28th!

The IST Group as a team will be going to Macedonia next weekend (May 6-8).  Zuzanna and Lidija will be ministering at the Daughters of the King Macedonija Conference, and Jerry will be visiting a house of prayer and a coffee shop ministry in Skopje, the capital.
Prayer Points:
1)    Thank you for continuing to lift up the IST group as we in collaboration with the Board suntan working towards the establishment of this vision. We are beyond blessed as we see it all coming together.
2)    Pray for the meeting with Yonathan Lara. Because of the cooperation of the 5 city leaders, the organizational piece is in good shape. We still lack some of the finances in order to cover the cost of this sizable undertaking.
3)    Pray that the same Spirit which poured out revival after revival in Argentina, would be poured out on this dry and thirsty land! We expect that believers faith will be activated and the result will be: true believers fulfilling their destiny.
4)    Pray for our time in Macedonia. May the Macedonian Call ring loud in our ears. Pray for Lidija as she leads the conference and pray for Zuzanna as she ministers. Pray for many Holy Spirit encounters.
5)    Pray for Jerry in Macedonia as he desire to reach people on the streets. Lord give him boldness to share the revelation of Jesus in power and in love.

What can I say; the Lord is just SO GOOD!