Wednesday, January 6, 2016

IST Prayer for Croatia

Troubles in Croatia: Although the USA is many trillion dollars in debt, for Croatia, with 4.5 million people, 290 billion ($41 billion) is a big debt.

In the NEWS: In 2016, EU Expects a Decrease in Croatia's Deficit By 3 Billion Kuna -

However, during the eleven months, the government spent 10.4 billion kuna for interest on loans, and expenses for interest have reached the amount Croatia spends on its whole education system, from primary schools to universities. In 2008, interest rates cost was just 4.7 billion kuna, while next year it will reach an unsustainable level of more than 12 billion kuna. Among hundreds of pages of text which have been written in recent weeks by experts from HDZ, SDP and MOST, nowhere does it say how and when the growth of public debt, which is now close to 290 billion kuna, will be stopped.

For the past six years, including this one, Croatia has borrowed 115 billion kuna to cover the deficit, and in order to put an end to it Croatia would have to immediately initiate the process of deleveraging which should last until the expenditures on interest are not reduced to an acceptable level. Researchers of the European Commission have recently stated that, for this goal to be reached, Croatian budget would need to have a primary surplus for the next 15 years.

Please pray for Croatia:
1)      Prayer can play a key roll in reversing this downward spiral. Let us pray for blessing for Croatia. May the Lords favor rest upon this nation in 2016!
2)      Pray for a blessing of Kingdom sense, which is above common sense, to come upon Croatian economic leaders. May they have the foresight and the backbone to make the necessary decisions which will bring the change needed.
3)      Almost daily at the Upper Room House of Prayer (URHOP) we are praying for God’s mercy to be extended to Croatia. This is a pivotal year for this nation spiritually and politically.
4)      Pray that God would position men and women of wisdom to effect positive change for the country. There needs to be some Daniels that can speak wisdom into the government. Pray that Godly people would be positioned in places of authority who will make decisions which will benefit the people of this country.
5)      Pray for us at URHOP Zagreb; may we be spiritually positioned to do the necessary warfare in aiding in the changes needed to recover Croatia. May the Lord reveal to us the strategies of heaven and those of the darkness in order for us to be able to stand in the gap.

Thank you for contending with us for the nations of the Balkans,
Jerry and Zuzanna

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