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Prayer for Croatia 1-18-16

Pray for Croatia 1-18-16

Women's rights brought to the attention of PM-designate Tim Orešković. 
Women's Network of Croatia has sent an open letter to Croatian Prime Minister-designate Tihomir Orešković, asking him to take into account the issues of gender equality and women's rights when choosing ministers for the new government,

Women's Network, which brings together more than 30 NGOs, asked the future prime minister not to name to government and other state bodies people whose actions and statements indicate that their intention is to reduce the achieved level of gender equality and women's human rights. <Click for More>

A new national government is being formed here in Croatia. Without going into depth of how government works here, basically ministers are elected and then they appoint a Prime Minister who holds the most powerful position in the country. After six months or so of negotiations, Tihomir Orešković was chosen. Most people don’t know how he stands on issues because he is an outsider, having been a businessman in Canada.

There is hope among the people here in Croatia that he will bring new ideas and reform. At this date he is interviewing people for his cabinet and the many ministerial positions in the government. The article above about women’s rights, which in disguise is to ensure the right to abortion, is one pressure group meeting with the new Prime Minister.

Recently the parliament decided to take up the issue of abortion which has not been debated for about 23 years. Since Croatia is religiously Catholic, there is a large pro-life voice in the country. Twice a year the Catholic organize and stand in front of the hospitals that perform abortions for prayer and silent protest. Jerry has stood with them many times to pray. They are good, concerned people. We are confident that the fact that abortion is getting a hearing in the parliament, is an answer to their prayers.

Prayer Points:
1)      Let us pray for the new Prime Minister Tihomir (Tim) Orešković. Lord, guide him through this process of making appointments for the government. Although not much is known about his personal life, we pray that he will open doors to transformation, spiritual and economical. May PM Orešković promote biblical social justice.
2)      Lord, give him boldness to stand against the many lobbyists. May PM Orešković be able to clearly discern between good and evil and stand firm for good.
3)      Let us thank the Lord for legislation to be considered for the unborn. May this not be de-railed but let the full truth of abortion be heard. Let the irrefutable scientific facts be presented.
4)      As we at Upper Room House of Prayer here in Zagreb, pray weekly for Croatia we see signs of God moving. Our hope is growing every day we meet. Pray that we can continue to stand in the gap for Croatia!

5)    Pray that the hidden treasures of Croatia will be released: Deuteronomy 33:19 They shall call the peoples to the mountain; There they shall offer sacrifices of righteousness; For they shall partake of the abundance of the seas and of treasures hidden in the sand.

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