Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Moral Compass - Christians


Moral Compass - Christians

As Christians we are to be the moral compass for government along with all the other spheres of society. We are to bring Biblical wisdom that lines up with the way and means of how God made things and how they are to be peacefully and rightly executed. We are not to force others to adopt our beliefs. We display God's wisdom through gentleness, honor and love in the hope others will see our good works and glorify God. There is a point where laws may contradict God's wisdom and we as Christian must resist by turning the other cheek. History shows that Christians achieve more through persecutions than violent resistant. If we hold back the blessed truth we have been given, then we are not the moral compass.

In a democracy we are to try to multiply Biblical truth until it becomes the predominate behavior of the majority.

In a republic we are to elect Christian men and women to represent us who have proven Godly wisdom.

In a totalitarian regime we should expect persecution as man’s wisdom always confronts God’s wisdom. Totalitarian regimes or either oligarchies, socialist/communist and kings/dictators.

Some may ask, “What about a theocracy?” A theocracy will only work when our hearts are completely changed by Jesus and Jesus is ruling overall. As Abraham, we do look forward to living in a theocracy that is “a city built by God.” A human theocracy forces non-Christians into compliance without a heart-felt choice. The Old Testament is a record of how human nature will cause it to fail.

The key to confronting and managing either of these as Christians, is through prayer. We are to display our Christian faith before all men so they may be drawn to God’s wisdom.

In America we are experiencing the revelations of a republic where we have chosen corrupt men and women to represent us. The question is, will we work to nominate and elect Godly men and women or will we let the present corrupt ones take us into a totalitarian government?

It will take a change in our lifestyle. We Christians can no longer rest in a comfort zone. Either we peacefully resist, or we become complicit to corruption. The lines of division are noticeably clear; among Democrats you will be persecuted, among Republicans there is still an open door to implement Biblical concepts. You have to remain involved because the citizens must keep their representatives accountable to them.

Will we redeem the political sphere? We cannot do that without getting off our “blessed assurance”

There are three reasons for getting politically active. First is because of our Godly heritage and the men and women who have died to maintain that freedom for us. Second, we presently maintain for the purpose of peaceful coexistence. Third, for the sake of our children’s future.  

At this time as we see our Christian faith challenged, we still have the open door to redeem the political sphere through our involvement. If we don’t, we will lose freedom for our present coexistence and for our children’s generation.

My advice is, get locally involved. Seek out the local Republican group in your area. They need your spiritual advice. Choose to educate yourself in the light of Biblical principles. First you need to know the Biblical principles and use discernment to know when news outlets are producing true or false reports. Select social media that does not censor free speech.

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