Tuesday, September 17, 2019

A Life Formula

Joy + Discipline + Vision + Convergence = Legacy & Eternity

For me this is a formula for life. These are principles that have helped me live an overcoming life as a Christian.

Let’s explore what this looks like for us in our walk with Christ…

When I gave my life to Jesus, He gave me joy. I am not talking about happiness, but something deeper that has a measure of assurance in it. Jesus was so real to me in my conversion, that deep down I have never doubted Him. I may have had the thought but my confidence in God dispelled it. I am talking about a gift of joy because of confidence. The non-Christian will not have this. They will move in and out of happiness.

Second comes discipline. Oh, wow, I sure fought this one. I had some bad habits that were destructive. I thank the Lord for His patience with me. It was the Holy Spirit speaking to me in one of those awe moments that got my attention. One day I found myself saying something out loud that revealed a deep inter passion I was carrying. Then immediately the Holy Spirit spoke, “You are not ready”. Also, “It may be years before you are ready”. So, I asked, “How do I get ready”? “Discipline son, discipline.”

As the years passed and I stumbled through learning discipline, vision began to form. Vision was driven by passion. I begin to get insight of my inter desires. Once you understand the vision in your heart you must fight for it. In that fight you develop the life skills you will need. I was listening to James Goll the other day and he said, “When discernment and revelation meet, insight occurs”. Oh, how you will need God’s wisdom for a clarity of vision.

Then the time comes, when God puts it all together for you, that is convergence. It is when everything lines up. Your passion is being fulfilled. You have great joy because you see ultimate purpose. You have enough discipline that God can trust you. There is a peace of mind that rules your steps. It could be just the right job; one in which you are meeting all your needs physically, financially and emotionally.

There is a great joy in knowing you are pleasing God, your loving Father and you are doing what He has designed you for. See this has been His plan all along to bring you to your greatest potential. You are content because you know God is pleased.

Joy + Discipline + Vision + Convergence equals:

So, what does all this get you? How do you benefit? You leave a Legacy that others can follow. The Apostle Paul said, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” Legacy will live on as long as people remember you. If your deeds are published, your legacy could live many, many years.

Then comes Eternity. Eternity, according to the Bible, is heaven or hell. God’s ultimate justice is heaven or hell. At death you are in God’s bliss with Him or in a place of eternal punishment, separated from Him and His Kingdom. All these steps culminate in your destiny.
Here is the good part, you don’t even have to work out this formula in order to get to heaven. You can be a failure in every point. Your eternity is decided by this, have you accepted Jesus or not?
By the way, I am still working on this formula. I think we work on this all our lives.
Ask yourself, "Where on this journey am I?

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