Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pray for Montenegro

Pray for Montenegro

Total Evangelicals in the country: 286 people est.; 0.0005% of population – 

Montenegro is among the least evangelized countries on the world. There are only three churches and some small home groups. There are Orthodox and Catholic churches but the people are far from being spiritually taught and delivered from the power of sin.

Here is an amazing fact; There are more tourist visiting the Montenegrin coast each year than there are Montenegrins in the country. Population: 650,000 est. (CIA Factbook) As the Adriatic Coast becomes Europe’s number one vacation spot, Montenegro has a lot to gain.

Montenegro also has a strong relationship with Russia. Many of the tourist each year are Russians. Increasingly, Russian entrepreneurs are investing in Montenegro.

Prayer Points:
1)    Lord, we know it is in Your heart to reach the Montenegrin people. You desire to be lifted-up in Montenegro. Lord, show us how to pray and send help.
2)    Let us pray for intercessors and prayer-walkers to be burdened for the many Montenegrins that do not know Jesus. May they pray through to the point of dominion over the enemies’ territorial bondages. Lord, let the enemies’ days be numbered; we demand he release the people.
3)    Let us pray for laborers to be raised up to go to Montenegro. Holy Spirit, send out a Montenegrin Call and draw Christians to give their lives for this dry land.
4)    Lord, we ask for church planters to get a burden for the towns and villages of Montenegro. Lord, send Your “gatherers”.
5)    Let us pray for the few churches and the small home groups. Lord, let grace be their portion at this time, release hope and expectation in their midst.
6)    What if, Orthodox and Catholic priest started having dreams and visions of the Word replacing icons and statues. Let us honor the painter and sculpture for their skilled representation of the Gospel, but it is the Word that can set Montenegrins free.
7)    Pray for the establishing of an evangelical school in Montenegro that has a branch for training Russian Bible students. (I had this picture of students coming from Russia to a Holy Spirit school in Montenegro)
8)    May the Montenegrin believers seek His face and receive the spirit of boldness in order to reach the locals as well as vacationing tourists.

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