Monday, June 6, 2016

Pray for IST Group

Pray for ISTgroup

Life in Southeastern Europe is a lot of fun. People are learning to make humor out of their struggles.

This past Friday we went to sign the NGO application to be submitted for the IST Group, then our attorney said FTJP… When she saw the puzzled look on our faces, she said, oh do you not know? Every Croatian knows what this stands for… “Fali Ti JoŇ°jedan Papir” which translates to “You are missing one more document”. As the Croatian law has been in evolution around new NGO legislation, we have had to make changes to the statute, etc. Thankfully that document is short and easy and we will officially submit our application on Monday! Thank you God! Now we pray that registering ISTgroup as a non-government organization (NGO) here in Croatia will go smoothly and quickly.

Once this process is finished, Intentional Strategies for Transformation will have a legal right to operate. It is almost like being on an airplane, waiting on the runway to take off. You know where you are going and you are basically on your way but you just haven’t got the go-a-head from the control tower yet. Yes, God is our control tower and we have been busy in His Kingdom but being legal on earth is important.

Thank you SO Much for praying with us for the conference with Yonathan Lara. The meetings were designed to uplift the body of Christ here and God used Yonathan in a powerful way. Just to see the pastors that joined in with us moving in the Spirit was amazing. We see the chains of disunity slowly braking off! God is amazing and He is doing something in Zagreb.
On Tuesday of this week, our first intern will be joining us for the summer. We so look forward to Cynthia Beene coming to share ISTgroup life with us. Jerry will facilitate much of the internship activities.

Also we are being joined by Laura Howton from Alabama, who will help build the infrastructure of the IST Group. She is giving of her time and finances to insure that we have a strong foundation. She will be with us for the next three weeks. Laura, Cynthia and Zuzanna will make a trip to Romania to meet with the founder of NetWorks, a ministry that has had phenomenal success working with the poor. Our son Asa is actually there now working with that ministry, Then Zuzanna and the team will leave for southern Serbia to visit with a Roma church where we will discuss plans to help facilitate the integration of a discipleship training program.

Prayer Points:
1)    Pray with us for angels to guide, protect and rest upon our NGO application. Pray for favor and a smooth process in these secular offices.
2)    FTJP is due to government bureaucrats in this socialist Europe who will change policy or regulations in mid-course of the procedures. Pray that our document would be acceptable to all government offices.
3)    Our Croatian Christian lawyer went the extra mile to be precise and follow all present law yet still have the best interest of IST in mind. Pray that she will be blessed in all the ways God may show you to pray.
4)    Pray that Cynthia (intern) will have a safe flight from Texas. Also pray our second intern, Laurel, who is arriving on the 21stto arrive safely. Pray that they will experience all that God has for them and be equally a blessing to Croatia.
5)    Pray for the ladies as they travel to Romania and through Serbia. We ask for traveling mercies. May the car function properly and the roads be safe.
6)    We are so thankful for Yonathan Lara coming to bless Croatia. It is amazing to see God use this 21 years old young man with the gift of preaching and wisdom. Pray for him and his ministry. May he have even more open doors to minister. We are planning a conference for 2017 involving several nations. We covet your prayers regarding the planning of that.
7)    It is the beginning of summer here, so pray with us as we encounter people on the streets. May their hearts be open to the Gospel. Pray that we will be good examples of Jesus’ love in the midst of a lost and dying world.
8)    Pray for the Upper Room Zagreb. We gather to pray five times a week. Prayer is the foundation of IST Group, and we appreciate your prayers that we will continue to hear God speak direction to our lives and ministry.

Thank you so much for you prayer and intercession.

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