Monday, March 7, 2016

Pray for ISTgroup

Pray for Intentional Strategies for Transformation

We have a full list of events to pray for ISTgroup this month:

1) Next week March 16-19, Michael T. Miller from Upper Room Denver is coming to hold a citywide seminar on Healing and Praying for the Sick. Expectancy is rising among the five churches cooperating in this seminar.
2) We are right now developing guidelines to begin accepting interns this summer for field service. Our four focuses this summer are: Serving in the House of Prayer, Evangelism, Community service to the poor and serving the local churches.
3) Preparations are on their way for a conference with Yonathan Lara form Argentina, scheduled for the end of May here in Zagreb. Yonathan is a 21-year-old prophetic voice who is well known in Latin America. His meetings last year in Zagreb were above expectations. Many in the city are eager to see him return! Please pray for the right venue and a strong translator.
4) March 23-27, we are making a trip to Dallas, Texas to attend Upper Room’s Global Conference. This is a gathering of the Upper Room extended family of ministries. Lidija, our UR Zagreb worship director is traveling with us.
5) Intentional Strategies for Transformation board meeting in Dallas at the end of the month. We want a solid foundation for the IST Group and for this reason we meet monthly for the next several months.

Prayer Points:
1) Pray with us for the Michael T. Miller meetings. Jesus said sings and wonders would follow those that believe. Let us pray for a release of healing miracles and the joy that follows.
2) Pray for the summer intern program. Pray that we are able to develop meaningful activities that will serve as a true benefit for His Kingdom, and one that will provide an enriching experience for the interns. Jesus, show us how to bless the Croatian people with the Gospel. May we be able to take them into His presence.
3) We will have more specific prayer points for the Yonathan Lara Conference in upcoming blogs, but for now, please pray for an excellent Spanish to Croatian translator. Pray for just the right venue that will be adequate for the people God wants to touch. Pray that all the finances will come together for the event.
4) Pray for the Upper Room Global Conference three weeks from now. Please pray that there is an impartation of His Spirit at the conference. May each of us be refreshed and return with sharpened vision to see His Glory manifest in this land.
5) Pray for the IST Group board meeting and for God infused strategies to be birth out of this strong team of board members.

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